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Arduino GPIO Breakout Board Arduino GPIO Breakout Module with Enclosure Arduino Prototype PCB DIY Kit Arduino Relay Board Arduino DIN Rail Mount Carrier Bracket Arduino GPIO Expansion Board Arduino Motor Driver
BeagleBone GPIO Breakout Board BeagleBone DIN Rail Mount Carrier Bracket BeagleBone Relay Board
ESP32 Breakout Board - DIN Rail Mount ESP32 Breakout Board - PCB Hole Mount
Micro:bit GPIO Breakout Board Micro:bit Relay Board Micro:bit Buss Board Micro:bit X Raspberry Pi Adapter HAT
Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi GPIO Breakout Board Raspberry Pi Enclosure & Bracket Raspberry Pi Prototype PCB DIY Kit Raspberry Pi Relay Board Raspberry Pi DIN Rail Mount Carrier Bracket Raspberry Pi GPIO Expansion Board Raspberry Pi X Micro:bit Adapter HAT Raspberry Pi PoE Raspberry Pi Voltage-Level Shifter Raspberry Pi DC-DC Converter
Teensy Breakout Board
Relay Module Board
Signal Relay Module DPDT Power Relay Module SPST 5 Amp Power Relay Module SPST 30 Amp Power Relay Module SPDT 10 Amp Power Relay Module SPDT 16 Amp Power Relay Module DPDT 5 Amp Power Relay Module DPDT 8 Amp (Coil 115Vac ) Power Relay Module DPDT 8 Amp (Coil 230Vac ) Latching Bistable Relay Module Solid State Relay SSR Relay Module with Enclosure Safety Relay Module Voltage Comparator Relay Module Reversing Relay Module IP68 Waterproof Relay Module Sensor Relay Module
Breakout Board
ATX Breakout Board Banana Jack Breakout DSUB SCSI 0.05" Mini D Ribbon SCSI 0.05" DSUB Centronics Ribbon 0.085" IDC 2.54mm, Standard Terminal Block IDC 2.54mm, Small Terminal Block IDC 2.0mm, Small Terminal Block RJ9 4P4C RJ11/RJ12 6P6C RJ45 8P8C RJ50 10P10C VHDCI 68-Pin (SCSI-5) Rectangular Connector USB OBD-II Breakout
AC Power Modules
NEMA 5-15R Receptacle IEC320 C13 Receptacle
Anderson Powerpole Module
Powerpole Power Distribution Powerpole Power Gate Powerpole Power Timer Powerpole Accessories Parts Powerpole Power Guard Powerpole Mounting Clamp Pair
Audio Module Board
Audio Power Amplifier Module Audio Signal Input Selector Guitar Distortion Effect Module Pink Noise Generator Module Phono RIAA Preamplifier Power Supply Module Board Soft-start Protection Module Speaker Distribution Module Audio All Pass Filter
Blinking Flasher Module
Powerpole Accessories Parts D-Sub Adapter and Gender Changer DIN Rail Terminal Block
Current Sensor Module
5 Amp Current Sensor Module 20 Amp Current Sensor Module 30 Amp Current Sensor Module 50 Amp Current Sensor Module 100 Amp Current Sensor Module 150 Amp Current Sensor Module
Diagnostic Breakout Board
RJ9 4P4C RJ11/RJ12 6P6C RJ45 8P8C RJ50 10P10C DB9 DB15 DB15HD DB25 DB26HD DB37 DB44HD DB50 DB62HD DB78HD DB104HD IDC Pitch 0.1" Series ATX 24/20P
Diode Module
Standard Individual Diode Module Common Anode Diode Module Common Cathode Diode Module Clamp Diode Array Module AC Lamp Test Diode Module DC Lamp Test Diode Module
DIP Breakout Board
8-pin DIP 14-pin DIP 16-pin DIP 18-pin DIP 20-pin DIP 28-pin DIP 32-pin DIP 40-pin DIP
Electronic Water Descaler
Electronic Components
Bridge Rectifier Capacitor Diode, Rectifier Potentiometer Transistor Inductor Relay
Enclosure, Case, Housing
DIN Rail Housing with PCB DIN Rail Housing Bracket
Fuse Module
2 Channels 4 Channels 6 Channels 8 Channels 10 Channels 12 Channels 16 Channels 18 Channels
Interface Tester
LED Indicator Gate Module
RGB 5mm LED Single color 5mm LED Single color 10mm LED
Low Voltage Disconnect Module
12V 10Amp 12V 30Amp 12V 80Amp 18V 30Amp 18V 80Amp 24V 10Amp 24V 30Amp 24V 80Amp 36V 30Amp 36V 80Amp 48V 30Amp 48V 80Amp
Oscillator Module
Power Distribution Module
Terminal Block Distribution - DIN Rail Mount with Fuse Terminal Block Distribution - DIN Rail Mount without Fuse Terminal Block Distribution - Screw Mount with Fuse Terminal Block Distribution - Screw Mount without Fuse Barrier Terminal Block Module Audio Speaker Distribution Banana Jack DC Power Strip Powerpole Power Distribution Sensor Signal Distribution Thermal Circuit Breaker Distribution Dimmer Control HUB
Power Transformer
Output DC Output 9VAC Output 12VAC Output 15VAC Output 18VAC Output 24VAC Output 30VAC Output 36VAC Output 48VAC Output 2x 9VAC Output 2x 12VAC Output 2x 15VAC Output 2x 18VAC Output 2x 24VAC
PoE Injection Module
Prototype PCB
For Audio DIY For Arduino For Raspberry Pi For Industrial Control Universal Prototype PCB
Science Educational Module
Signal Converter
Splitter Bus Board Module
DB9 Bus Board Module DB15 Bus Board Module DB25 Bus Board Module DB37 Bus Board Module RJ9 4P4C Splitter Bus Board RJ11/RJ12 6P6C Splitter Bus Board RJ45 8P8C Splitter Bus Board RJ50 10P10C Splitter Bus Board
Switch Module
AC Power Distribution Switch Module DC Power Distribution Switch Module AC/DC Power Independent Switch Module
Thermal Circuit Breaker Module
Varistor Module
30VAC(RMS) / 38VDC 60VAC(RMS) / 85VDC 150VAC(RMS) / 200VDC 275VAC(RMS) / 350VDC
Voltage Regulator Module
Positive Output Adjustable Negative Output Adjustable Positive/Negative Output Adjustable
Will Discontinued SKU
Brand - HCDC
Raspberry Pi HAT and Breakout Board Power Distribution
Automatic Vacuum Switch